CLOTHING: Sports Uniforms


In desperate need of athletic wear for Limelight at the moment :weary: literally any kind of sport would do. But I’m being patient I promise :grin:

Edit: by athletic wear I mean sports uniforms and things of that sort :slightly_smiling_face: cheerleading outfits, cleats, running shoes (for track), etc.


There is jogging shirts out now. On female, I haven’t checked male. But I would like sport stuff, like soccer shirts, cheerleading…


Yes love those! But I’m talking football and soccer uniforms and speedos like we have in Ink!


Yeah! And maybe tennis clothes, Basketball uniforms and etc. I heart this by the way, I agree all the way :slight_smile:


That would be a looovveely addition


Also, I think you should add a few pictures. Just so people can understand a little. It could help a bit.


what do you mean? uniform pictures?


Yeah, Like sports and gymnastic clothes, Yeah.


I suppose I did say athletic wear :sweat_smile: it’s not very clear what I was talking about. I might just do that :ok_hand:t5:


Just seen these yesterday love them


I feel there is a lot of things they still need to add. But I have hard they are working on it still.


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