CLOTHING : Steampunk (Limelight)


Halloween is months away — it would be great if we got some costumes — here’s an idea -> STEAMPUNK

I’d also like to add, that CLOTHING : Robot’s was suggested here (kinda similar)

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it’s m a y, halloween is in five and a half months wHAT


yeah mum, it gunna take them a few months to make the clothing :3




I truly would love to have steampunk clothing, props, and stages to episode. I would love to create a steampunk story on episode. We would need canes, top hats, and more.

(I may have went crazy with the pictures, but I love steampunk so much.)




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I am so hot for steampunk

hmm yah

drops mic
walks out

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pleaseeeeee lovee meee I want Steampunk :sob::sob::sob:



b u m p?


Support <3


I’d love to have steampunk inspired clothes :slight_smile:


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