CLOTHING: Superhero Outfits for Ink

I’d love for there to be an array of outfits made just for superhero-like characters. Getting a chance to kick some can without feeling completely under dressed, you know?


There is super hero outfits now! Only on Limelight, I am pretty sure.

big o o f @ me. i forgot to mention that i think there should be superhero outfits for Ink.

I am currently writing a superhero story, and it’s annoying to not have any superhero/futuristic clothing for that. In Limelight, they have it. But in INK? Please like this post or reply to support!


Hopefully they well be adding a lot more stuff soon. But agree my story requires tattoo and LL don’t have it so I just stick to INK for know and hope they come out with it soon in LL.

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I agree! You have my full support! I think they should add more fantasy clothes in INK too!