CLOTHING: TATTOOS ARE FINALLY HERE! Discussion for Tattoos Here!



THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! There are finally new TATTOOS!!! :smile:
I think that it is great, but I feel that the male characters should also be given some too.
Do you agree or disagree?

New update by Episode
New TATTOOS on Episode!
CLOTHING : Tattoos (limelight)

I think it’s funny that ink only had one tattoo and only for males, but now limelight has several tattoos but only for females


I was thinking the same thing.
It would be nice if LL had tattoos for males as well.


I find it weird how tattoos are only for one gender per art style. I also wish we could use more than one tattoo on a character (such as an arm tattoo + a chest tattoo).


I’m honestly just super happy we got tattoos lmao


You can!


Lmao SAME. :grin:


In the Episode featured story positively princess there was one guy who had a chest tattoo so the tattoos are coming in hope they come soon.


Gosh, I’m honestly pretty excited for the tattoos. I can’t wait to hop on the computer and check them out! I do hope they make some for males too though.






It’s awesome! :smiley: And I think we need:

  • tattoos for males (LL)
  • piercing (females and males)


Only in the portal. It won’t show in the app. Trust me, I tried as soon as they came out.


Jesse hinted today that they were going to release them for males in a “Tattoos part 2” post sometime. Who knows, maybe they’ll be out as early as next week? :smiley:


Oh yayyy


YASSSSS finally lol


Not to say that it will be next week… :sweat_smile:
But it could be!


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Yeah, but two years is a long time for technology. So I don’t think the style is outdated just the tech it’s running on. :woman_shrugging:


Hey everyone!
I have a quescion and that is:
I was see that Episode was add more TATTOOS types but only on Limelight style.
They added on Ink too?