CLOTHING: TATTOOS ARE FINALLY HERE! Discussion for Tattoos Here!



They ain’t updating ink anymore no matter how much we beg for updates they won’t.


:frowning: is not fair.
Thank you for answer.



oops being overdramatic but i mean about time, right?

plus they’re sooo cute. i would love to see more


For reals. I wanted tattoos for ink because I use ink a lot :slightly_frowning_face:


Really?! BRUH. I feel like episodes app has a lot of bugs lately. Is it just me or is the app continually failing. I tried opening the preview and it keeps saying:
Error: 94 or


I agree about LL male tattoos not existing, but give it some time… Episode could be working on it rn


If you had 2 stories, 2 years appart from creation day, which one would you be working on more? The old one or the newer one?


Both actually.


you need to refresh the website or that error will keep popping up


They just updated Ink with new cloths.


I kind of want different tattoo options like small tattoo options but honestly I’m just glad female limelights have tattoos. But I wish the male limelights had options like the females do. :stuck_out_tongue: