CLOTHING: tattoo's for females!



As you know male characters have tattoos available for them in the outfit section however, If you look in the female section there are no tattoos available

I think tattoos for females should be there to use

Tattoos for girls

we need tattoos for females!!


Also, you might wanna change the post’s title to fit the guidelines :slight_smile:


Like how?


Support!! I want to be able to make badass female characters, too.


I actually have a bada** character in my story and there are no tattoos for her


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We need female tattoos:grin::grin:


I think there should be a variety of tattoos for both genders, instead of one for one gender. It is an important factor for my stories that are currently in progress, I don’t think I could continue without them.


I want tattoos for my female charachter and I wish they had different tattoo looks like different sleeves or even leg tattoos


Your right, there should be a variety of tattoos


Tattoos for females are a must!


Definitely! I find it very offensive and sexist that Episode only gave men tattoos! Talk about stereotyping!



Yes thank you! My story is about showing that women are as powerful as men and I was shocked to find no female tattoos


It’s true that there should have tattoos for women but for now try to make overlays or something to fit the character


yeah I’ll try. but having them in the outfits section saves us a lot o work


True A author who put who put a lot of work into making tattoo overlays is the author of Love is a Drug


yes that story was great, I think they used art senes too




SUPPORT! also tattoos for limelight pls :slight_smile: