CLOTHING: tattoos for INK style


There is only one tatto and that also jst for male’s arm…
It would be better if there would be more options for tattoes for both male and female

Tattoos for Ink

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I’m so excited for this to come to Episode. Tattoos are such and add to the characters, specially to their personalities. I’m crazy about them, but only one option (exclusively for male characters) kills me. Hopefully they’ll add more of them. And maybe even piercings too :wink::joy::star_struck:


Yeah that one tattoo is getting really tiring :no_mouth:


:blush::blush:no doubts


Hey, can you please tell me on how to get the arm tattoo for the male character? I’m guessing it’s simple, but I just can’t find it.


In ink it’s under clothing


Thank you so much! :wink:


It is in the clothing section, like Melc144 said. After creating your character, you go to the “Outfits” section and look for Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade), and it will show up (it’s considered a part of an outfit, such as a shirt or a pair of shoes, so if you want your character to have the tattoo you have to remember to add it to all of your character’s outfits!)