Clothing : tattoos (limelight)


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Yes! Episode should make tattoos and maybe even more piercings (around the body)


I didn’t think about that! That’s actually great! I would love to see that!


Heck yeah B) Supported.


I totally agree with you on this! Tattoos for sure! :+1:


Yes. Agreed


Definitely agree! This would really help me for a story I’m working on right now.


Definately agree. They should add tattoos, piercings, and even make up like emo eyeliner.


I DEFINITELY SUPPORT! Would be cool to have options of multiple tattoos and such :slight_smile:


Support :kissing_heart:




Oh yeah!


Yes, but it should be in the character customization because if it’s in the clothing then we wouldn’t be able to place clothing on top of it. Like it should be part of the character not something that disappears once you add clothes if that makes sense.


Yes! <3 I would love to see some little “stick-n-poke”-esque ones as well.


yay!!! And for ink too pls :stuck_out_tongue:


I really agree with this, one thing that’d add a lot of options for creators would be to add transparent sleeves and parts around the body that are free for us to edit on (after review of course).


i support!


YES _ Tattoos would be really great. As already on piece is availabel, i guess, this shouldn’t be to hard to make. @Episode
You don’t need to bring 100 at once. But just 4-5 different ones would make such a big difference :slight_smile:


Totally support!!! :heart_eyes:


I’d love that so much! We need tattoo’s in Limelight!