CLOTHING: Time Pieces - Limelight



Salutations, fellow forum surfers! I really enjoy making characters in limelight and I’m sure most of you have noticed that the Limelight clothing selection is not as…abundant as INK. Most of the clothes are pretty modern. I really think what’s missing from the LL closet is clothes from different eras. :woman_teacher:t5:


Thank you for listening!


Hey! I agree with you, I personally LOVE the more olden styled clothing. But I don’t think EPISODE will make it if we’re the only ones that will be using it. This probably needs to get a whole lot more support for them to consider it. And even then, it’s still a consideration.



Support this so much, there are so many stories I have read that are set back in time and I wish had historical clothing!


Ooooooo this is a good suggestion B)
Supported <3



Hey all! Thanks for the contribution but as with the older forum guidelines, we only allow one suggestion/request per thread. If you can, please take a gander at the new feature request guidelines. Thanks! - JB