CLOTHING: To add/remove clothing by codes 👗


The title may sound confusing, so I’ll explain what I mean.

You know we have those mini games of creating an outfit for characters to wear? Like you can choose the top, bottom and shoes. Well, if you want to code that in your story, you would have to make a lot of outfit to let the reader choose clothing (eg. If you have choices tops, bottoms and shoes 3 different ones each then you’ll have to make 27 outfits in total.)
So what I’m suggesting is, we can just code something simple like:
Then the character will wear an extra clothing/remove cloths with/from the outfit they have on now.
Then you won’t need to make tons of outfits for a dressing game! Plus it also helps situations like when you need to make an extra outfit just to make character put on her glasses.

Please leave a like if you support or tell me your opinion about this! :blush:


Support. This would make closet games so much more fun!


I know right, it would be much easier.


this sounds like such a helpful feature! i hope they add it :heart:xo


Agree! Think of all the options and time saved. @Cass @Liz


support! :yellow_heart:






This would be great especially for accesoires


I must say that’s a great idea and it can save a lot of work and time :ok_hand:. Support. :+1: :blush:


That would be so good! Like if you wanted to remove or add a jacket


exactly my point lol
Thanks for supporting!


The number of times I wanted to remove a jacket and had to STOP MY CREATIVE FLOW to make another outfit… BOI!


I support this! It would be really helpful and save authors a lot of time.


YESSS!! What if it’s cold out? Maybe my characters just never check the weather and find out once they get outside?

…that may or may not be based on most of my college experience




support! we need this !




it would also help with small changes like adding mask, purse or glasses :wink: