Clothing: trans-men

I’m very happy that we have clothes with a bust for the male body type, but right now there is a complete wardrobe that to me it would be a lot better to find if they are in a different section. Who else thinks the same?


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What are “trans men” clothes? Lol. Trans men like all trans ppl like all ppl can wear any clothes.

Also what I think you’re referring to are clothes under the generic male that have a bust and match the “female body variation” under the generic male category. Those are most commonly associated with trans women who are women that were assigned male at birth. Though anyone of any gender may have that body type or wear those clothes.


I completely agree with u @hibiscusgravy

Right just because ur Trans doesn’t mean u only wear feminine clothes lots do but not all and I think u mean trans women because we don’t have trans men body variations


Ah yes, the five genders:

  • Woman
  • Man
  • Trans men
  • Plus sized woman
  • Horse

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by trans men clothes. Do you mean clothing with a flat chest?


She’s refering to the Generic Male clothing for the female body detail on episode


Generic male clothing for the female body detail? Like for the female chest on generic male?


That’s not a trans man, then. That’s a trans woman.

Edit: I think I confused myself and other people in the process. It can go either way.

Oh wow!! I just realized that. Sorry I’m slow :sweat_smile: But yeah you’re correct she should say Trans-women @GiaCereni


Watching @hibiscusgravy type for the last seven minutes has given me slight anxiety. But I don’t want to click off of the thread, because I wanna see what they’re going to say that takes seven minutes to write.


Sksksksk tag urself I’m Horse

In all seriousness, the idea that every bit of clothing should be categorized by gender in a way that actually denotes body type is something we don’t need lol. The idea that certain types of clothing or bodies are trans bodies and that ppl in those bodies always wear clothes that look a certain way doesn’t benefit anyone.

I mean clothes clothes be sorted so that the tops with the bust are all together, I guess, but not only women or trans women wear skirts and not all trans women present super femininely.

There’s also not really that many femme clothes in the generic male section so eh


Lmaooooo I’m just typing like an old man with my Apple Pencil :sob:


Also, I agree. Abolish gender, wear nothing.
I’d love all clothes be available for every body that Episode currently has. Any variation or style, skirt or pants. Clothes don’t have to conform to anything, and trans men (or women, if I understood OP correctly) don’t have to wear just dresses and skirts. They can wear the skin of their enemies. Making trans people into their own category isn’t necessary. Redundant at best, isolating at worse.


Yeah imo it makes more sense if there’s going to be different body types to not label them by gender. Like they can just be labeled by characteristics. A flat chested character based on F generic would need to be a separate body type bc it needs a new rig. But that body should have a variation of styles of clothes and not just masculine clothes. Just like F generic needs more masculine clothes. Or clothes considered masculine, like :sparkles:baggy jeans :sparkles: (Pls I’m begging u episode). And male generic needs masc clothes with the bust and fem clothes without it. I’m living in hell here with all this “people in the female generic / plus bodies are WOMEN and WOMEN have LONG HAIR and WEAR ONLY VERY FEMININE CLOTHES” and “MEN wear ONLY ripped jeans and leather jackets while trans women wear ONLY feminine crop tops and one of the 2 skirts in this category” :sob:


Yes thank you

OMG you are transforming this into a gender discussion. NO, maybe I named it wrong, ok. But, please… I’m just referring to plain man clothes and the ones with bust. And no, there’s not a few, I love those clothes but when I need to use them I think it would be a lot easier to find if they are in a different category. It has nothing to do with gender, Jesus…
It’s a suggestion so we can find them better.

I will, I am talking about a body type not a gender…

You… really don’t need to get so defensive? Gender is literally the topic of your post, so of course we discussed it. We told you it would not be a good idea. The conversation is still related, we are commenting on what you said.

No, gender is not the topic of my post, it is clothes… I never meant to start a gender discussion, I used “trans-men” because I’ve see other people talking here about that topic using that designation.

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