Clothing: trans-men

You wanted to separate the clothes by gender.

NO! I don’t I already edited the post. This is ridiculous.

I re-read your new edit. That’s not what you said originally, and I was commenting on what wrote before. Now I understand what you’re asking. But, originally, you said something else completely.

There are others posts here using “trans-men” you should chase them! But thanks for enlighten me.

I’m not chasing you? Using the word trans-men isn’t a crime. I’m just telling you my thoughts, since you asked for people’s thoughts. But yeah, of course. I understand what you mean now, and I agree.

There are tons of people here who English is not their native language, you the native speakers can help us a lot so we can show our ideas in a proper way. Themes like gender are delicate same as race and people are really sensitive with them. What I tried to say is what I already edited. Please, be more patient all of you with us that are not English native speakers.


Yes, I understand. English is not my first language. I’m not upset or angry that you used the wrong words. I’m sorry that my tone is coming off as accusatory or rude. It’s not my intention. It’s just that I took your idea as something else, and now that I understand, I agree with you. Yes, I know gender is a delicate issue, that’s why I voiced my opinion. I am glad you made this thread, as it is a good idea.


What I was saying is that the clothes don’t belong to a different body type. They had the clothes with a bust before they created the female body variation, which is why they’re not separate. After they created the female body variation is when they did the more revealing tops bc theoretically the shape corresponds with the female body type, but they’re not separate because they use the same rig with slight modifications.

So I’m not disagreeing that they could be more organized but it’s not a separate body type. If you put the bust clothes on the male athletic body, it will retain the athletic shape. What Episode should do is have a wider range of body types and clothing of various styles for all of them.

But also, while I appreciate the edited language, I think you have to understand that trans ppl will often view these types of conversations with some degree of skepticism because a lot people’s views of gender is harmful to us even if they don’t mean it to be. And the conversation around gender was rooted in annoyance in Episodes lack of understanding of gender and gender presentation, not necessarily at you. There’s no hard feelings. ^^


I’m so sorry, did you mean to write bust? You wrote bush.

Also this is a very important point. I don’t think I could have phrased it any better. I think it all comes down to people wanting to make sure the conversation is steered in the right direction. And also, because it sparked a really good topic of how Episode should be showing gender representation. Definitely no hard feelings.


Overall I just think that the clothing catergories just make it easierto find clothing

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I was thinking tha same thing just yesterday.
In my story there is a trans woman character and when I went to the outfit section to dress her I wished for a dedicated section because, while finding dresses was easy because they are just in one section, it would have been easier with a section for shirst too.
I think the same thing also for pregnant women clothes