CLOTHING: We Need Better School Uniform Shoes


First of all I take issue with these c_4fGeneric_s4BootsHeelsLong_KneehighSocksMaryJanes_LeatherGreyBlack_ce27b65e1d_thumb

I take issue with the school uniforms in general but I’ll stick to shoes for now. What school did whoever designed these go to? I dunno if they were created out of a desire to make school uniforms more fashionable or if this is just another case of sexualizing school girls American Beauty bullshit (I don’t see a pair in the male wardrobe, just saying) but I’m not here for it either way. I went to a catholic school, dark brown shoes with dark laces, heel no taller than 1.5 inches, socks must extend passed the ankle, those were the rules. I wore shoes that looked like this :


Fuck ugly, practical, comfortable, those are the kind of school shoes I want, no more of this fetishy porn scene shit. Do better.


Never had to wear a school uniform but I do have to agree with you.


I use the pilot shoes for my school uniform in my story, looks a bit weird since there is no socks but I’d rather not use the heels