CLOTHING: Workout Wear LL


Hey there everyone!

I would love to see some workout wear (shorts) and sneakers added to limelight!
I myself am writing a story set in physiotherapy, and the classes for anatomy it’d be awesome if there were more workout clothes options for these scenes! As the whole entire idea of this glass is exploring different muscles and bones.
Also I don’t think my characters need to be in heels all the time lol.
Along with that, I’m sure there’s plenty of other writers who would love to use workout wear in limelight for gym scenes and other story lines.

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Agreed! My female characters have to work out wearing pilot shoes lol


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I think sneakers will be arriving soon, as LB was allowed to use them in her Limelight remake of Instant Princess.


I hope so! They’re dearly needed.






support this all the way!


I agree that there should be more workout clothes added to Limelight.


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I support


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Support!! :slight_smile:


I would maybe consider the new outfits workout, but at the same time it’s just females