CLOTHING: Wrestling Uniforms (Male and Female)

Something I really want clothing-wise for the characters is wrestling gear, such as singlets (like in the Dolan story, but multiple/complex color options), wrestling shoes, and headgear. I’ve been wanting to make some of my characters wrestlers, but it’s really hard to make-shift a wrestling outfit with what is offered. It would be FANTASTIC if you could make wrestling gear for both males and females.


Oh, this would be really nice! Support (though ideally, I would like to see us get a muscular Female Body Type for this to really work…)!

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Yeah, that would be good to have eventually. I am glad they at least have the athletic body type for the girls. In my experience, most high school-level female wrestlers aren’t super “ripped” as people may assume thinking of wrestlers, just because of how we’re built haha. Some are, though, as you’re saying (mostly at the college-level, but some lower). Along with the more muscular female body, I think a “plus-size” equivalent for the males would be nice too (for heavyweight wrestlers, and for character diversity in general).

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I definitely hope we’ll get a Plus Size Male body some day. More body diversity would be nice!

I myself enjoy lucha libre style wrestling. I’d like to see some lucha style wrestling equipment.

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