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A LOT OF READING :sweat_smile:


Hello, my little rays of sunshine! :sun_behind_small_cloud:
I recently just started my own Clothing Thread/Line, and I’m willing to help you out with all sorts of things!

What is this page? :thinking:
This page is exactly what it sounds like! I give you fashion advice, tips and more!

What if I don’t need fashion advice, but I need help on making a character? :woman_shrugging:
Not to worry! Just PM what look you’re going for, and I’ll be happy to help! There is additional information below!

What if my character is part of the LGBTQ+? :rainbow_flag:
No worries! I support everyone and everything! Just tell me about your character and the certain things you’d like on them.

How will I be able to tell you how I want my character to look? :bust_in_silhouette:
Describe it! Describe where your character comes from, and how you picture your character. If you can’t, try to google something that is similar to your character, or I can surprise you!

Outfit Form

Feel Free to just copy and paste
The genre of your book:
Background (Where does this character come from?):
Special Requests/Additional Info

Character Form

Feel Free to just copy and paste
Look you’re going for:
Color Hair:
Color Eyes:
Color Eyebrows:
Lip color:

Can I join the thread? :dizzy:
Of course sunshine! Just fill out the application below:

Application for Outfit Maker

5 Pictures of your work:
Why you want to apply:
Don’t worry!
Your application will be viewed!
The time may take up to 3 days, depending on the number of applications.

Application for Character Maker

Pictures of 5 characters:
Why you want this job
Don’t worry!
Your application will be viewed!
The time may take up to 3 days, depending on the number of applications.

What if I don’t want those jobs
Don’t worry, I have more!


A little snippet of something from a story:
Don’t worry!
Your application will be viewed!
The time may take up to 3 days, depending on the number of applications.


I’ll give you a small story and I’ll have you edit it and make it sound better.
Don’t worry!
Your application will be viewed!
The time may take up to 3 days, depending on the number of applications.


Send me a picture of your work

Proof Readers

I will give you a small script and I will need your help and feedback.

I have an idea for a job!
Fantastic! Just comment or PM me an idea and I’d be happy to add it to my list!

What If I want the job that I suggested that you added to the list. Will I be the leader?
Without a doubt! You are the leader of the job you suggested. I love taking feedback from viewers. If someone wants the job you suggested, I will make a group chat with you, the applyer and I so we can all talk.

What if I wanna be a rainbow-like you :rainbow:
You have to apply for a job first, and then you’ll get ranked on your work aka you’ll get promoted. I like to do my rankings based on nature so here are the rankings:

:seedling: - Beginner/Unexperienced - Your work is ok, and it looks like you aren’t being creative enough.
:evergreen_tree: - Advanced/Experienced - Your work is good, and it looks like you know what you’re doing but your work could be better.
:cloud: - Honors/Experienced - Your work is great, and it looks like you definitely know what you’re doing.
:rainbow: - WOW Your work is outstanding! I looked at the first photo and I could tell you knew what you were doing!

Can I get fired?
Possibly if there are too many complaints from a customer, or your lack of work. You could also be on probation but it depends on how long.

What if I’m busy?
Just let me know! I can always edit the thread and let people know what times best work for you. But, you have to be able to work during those times, because we don’t want the customers getting angry.

:sunny: - Be Kind. Nobody likes a thunderstorm! Be positive to everyone, and think about what you say.
:stars: - Be creative!. Throw in some twists and turns to your work. Make viewers say, WOW!
:full_moon_with_face: - Don’t be afraid to ask!. It’s always okay to ask for help/tips! I’d be happy to answer! And most certainly don’t be afraid to ask for more, I’m here to help!
:cloud_with_lightning: - Please don’t ask for Promo’s I love you all, but please don’t ask for promo’s. If I don’t give you a promotion, It’s for a certain reason.
:cyclone: - Try your best! I know you can do it! Just try!

Don’t feel like chatting to the group? Just PM me! :calling:

Social Media:

Instagram :




TikTok :notes:


*Don’t have Social Media? Email Me! :e-mail:

When you want something from me, or anyone that is listed below, please be sure to tag me or them.
Outfit Makers: { CLOSED }
Proof Readers:

Character Creators:



Check out Their Amazing Templates

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 3.08.57 PM
Give credit to them if you use these!!!


Waiting List:


Rainy Days

What each job means and what you do

Outfit Maker

When someone request’s a certain outfit, they’ll tag you in their comment. Your job is to give the customer what they want and ask them the following:
Additional Information:


The Editor position is to help improve the customers script/story. You may ask them the following:
Help with:
Additional Information:


The coder’s job is to help the customers on their story with errors and more. For example, If they ask you “How do I have a character make a choice?”, you just tell them the certain code that they have to use.

Proof Reader

This job helps customers read over their script/story. You can easily just copy and paste the storyline on a google doc and share it with me or the Proof Reader. Things the Proof Reader will ask:
What you want me to correct:
Things you could improve on:


This job is exactly what it sounds like. You make art for the customer!
Things they can offer:
Be sure to describe what you want to the artist.

What’s the password for?
Just so I know that you read everything :slight_smile:

I wanna see if you’re legit. Lemme take a look at your work.
Here are some examples of the outfits I’ve made:

Open Me

If you use these photos, PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT!
It takes a LOT of time and effort just to make one outfit. If you’re going to use these photos, please just mention who you were inspired by. Because it’s technically stealing if you don’t have my consent.

PM me, contact me or social media, or email me.

Feel free to shoutout my thread and let people know what’s happening!

Additional Information :slight_smile:
I’ve been working with Episode for 2 years now, and I’m working on more books to publish.
I’ve published a book called, Twilight and it got over 5k reads. It got taken down because of the cover (whoopsies), but I’m working on the second book. I’m also working on a story called, Inferno that should release soon in April (Hopefully. It depends on how much I procrastinate lol.)

I want something different!
That’s fine! Just PM me your special request and I can add you on the list.
Who’s busy:


Special Request’s


@Danielle318 :sunflower:

@lostintranslation :dizzy:
@jojomyoung890954 :dizzy:
@lizzy_on_episode1 :dizzy:

@cloudz :butterfly:
@lostintranslation :cherry_blossom:
@Grimm_writez :four_leaf_clover:

@cloudz :mushroom:

@lostintranslation :lollipop:

What does the manager do?
They’re the boss when I’m not here. If I’m not here, just tag or PM @lostintranslation, and they’ll be happy to help you! If you don’t see they’re name, or my name under any of the positiions and I’m not here, then you’ll be put on the waiting list until I show up. Thanks!

Make sure to give our thread a LIKE and a SHOUTOUT!

Copy and Paste:
Link: Cloudz Sunshine Shop/Center 🌤


Hey, Sunshine! Of course you can apply! I’ll observe your outfits and PM you my feedback.



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Hi! So I would love to apply for a Character Maker!

Here are pictures of 5 characters:

Why I want this job: I love creating characters and outfits, especially characters. That’s actually one of the reasons I play Episode.

Password: Rainy Days

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Hello There! I hope all is well :blush:. I would like to apply for the Outfit maker or Character Creator! I’m fine with whatever you feel is best, if you have open slots for that position. Here are a couple pics of characters and Outfits that I made. I provide INK and LL.

Why I want this Job: I like creating fun outfits and characters and I try to spend a lot of time making them to perfection! I know how hard it can be looking for outfits. So, I would be happy to help :grin:. I have more photos, if you want to observe more outfits!

Password: Rainy Days

Please don’t take without my permission!

Thank you for your time!


You applied for: Outfit Maker & Character Creator.**

You’re work is outstanding! I love everything you did with it! This is defenitly Rainbow quality!
Unfortuntly, we have max outfit maker, so I’ll put you with the Character Creater :slight_smile:

Congrats! You’ve got the job!
Welcome to the thread :dizzy:


Thank you :hugs:! I’m very excited to work with you guys.


Hi! This is my first time doing this, but I would like to be a proof reader! I want this job because I would love to help authors that want feedback on their story’s/scripts, and help them make their story better (if needed☺️)! Password: Rainy days

You applied for: Proof Reader

I don’t know if you’re experienced or not with proof reading, but we could use all the help that we can get so I won’t worry about it.

Congrats! You got the job! Welcome to the thread!

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Thank you!!:blush::blush: I’m so excited to work with you all!


Why you want to apply: I want to apply to help other authors/creators make unique outfits or just make outfits that they need help with.

Thank you! :heart:

Rainy Days

You applied for: Outfit Maker

Your outfits are very nice, but they seem a bit casual. Try adding more life to the outfits :slight_smile: (Unless they come from a certain background) Other than that, I think you’re well fit for the job.

Congrats! You got the job! Welcome to the thread :butterfly:

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I see a lot of my characters here. Now I have to hurry up and get my story published so no one steals them from me. :sweat_smile::smirk:

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Lol! I won’t let them :joy:.


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HAHAHAHA :rofl::rofl:. Good. But, the goal is to have it up by May. :crossed_fingers:t5::grimacing::crossed_fingers:t5:

Also, why does this kid remind me of a baby Stiles?!? :sweat_smile::thinking::sweat_smile:

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Hi I would like to apply for outfit maker :laughing:


2020-03-23 (2)

Rainy Days

You applied for: Outfit Maker

Your outfits are well put together, and I like the way you mix up some of the colors.

Congrats, Clare! Welcome to the Thread.

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Aww ty :blush: :revolving_hearts:

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Moved to Art Resources since this is for outfit design. Please keep in mind that coding/editing/proofreading are not art-related and should stay in their respective categories.

Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

Bump! :heart:

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Bump :vulcan_salute:t5:!