Clover's Art Shop (Pfp's, Character cards,Drawn Art and more!) :blob_turtle: [OPEN]

Is @teekay available?

Hey, I should be finishing your request by tomorrow or the day after. Seriously so sorry for the wait!

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It’s fine! I didn’t want it to be rushed anyway :blush:

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Hi @Eleven011, here’s your request. If you want any changes let me know!

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Hello there!! Can I request a cover and a splash?

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Sure! Some artists might be inactive but try someone who has been active around here recently

Thanks! I love them! I will credit you

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Glad you like them!

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Hi I’d like to request for an edit by @teekay, is there a form?

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Hi there! Unfortunately @/teekay has been offline since Jan. I’ve now marked it on the shop so that it’s easier to see but maybe try another artist?

Ok thanks for replying!

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We have a new member!

Thank you @Ivy_a for joining!

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Can I request a drawn art @Ivy_a ?


Yes of course :two_hearts:

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What I request : Drawn art/ cover
Author : immortal
Story title : Summer nightmares
Plot : 4 girls are travelling to Mykonos after their break-ups. They end up meeting a boy group of rappers in the yacht before they arrive to their destination. Everything seems perfect until their first night in the island. Something dark is happening there and they have to find that out fighting for their lives.
Genre : Horror
Number of characters for the art : 1

Name : Julia

Body: Female Generic Body, Gold 02
Brow: Arched Natural, Black Dark
Hair: Long Half Up Ponytail Hair, Black Dark
Eyes: Deepset Downturned, Brown Black
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Round Pounty

This is how she looks in the story, but you can draw her however you want with the same colors and hair

Tinted Ombred Thin Framed Rose Red, Hair Scrunchie Bracelet Cotton, Open Toed Ankle Strap Heel Leather Complex (Red), Waist Tie Swim Wrap Polyester Complex (Red), Front Strap One Piece Swimsuit Lycra Complex (Red)

Background and Pose:

Something like this without the blankets just Julia being scared and those shadows around her. Title of the story up in the picture with anything font you like.

If you have any questions text me :orange_heart:

Request accepted :two_hearts:

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