Club hallway background

Does anyone have a hallway background for clubs? Can have toilet doors in the background or anything. Thanks!

thank you but neither are what I’m looking for - sorey! i ended up just making my own x

Did uh made them??

To be honest nope I don’t know how to make them, I got them from this website: Redirect Notice

Did you pay for them? They have prices :face_with_monocle:

No I just copied the image

you cant do that because it means those images are copyrighted, you cant use them on episode

I am sorry but I didn’t know :cry:

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its cool now you do! Websites you can use are pixabay and pexels

THANKS and sorry to everyone

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If you still haven’t found something you’re looking for, then you can show me the club background youre using and I can make one for you.

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Is it allowed to download episode backgrounds from pinterest

no, they’re most likely copyrighted also, unless the owner is stated on the post and you find out if they allow it to be used.

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thank you :blush:

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Hello, sorry for bothering you

how do you make episode readers receive free shades for gem choices :smiley:
Is that even possible?

im guessing you’re new and can’t upload a question but I can’t help as I don’t use gems and know little about them, sorry.

THANK YOU :blush: