Club Template Script Needed!

In the story I am writing at the moment, one of the scenes is in a busy club using the INT. CLUB - NIGHT background. And, I suck at doing busy scenes and stuff like that so I was wondering whether someone had a Club Template! And, I would really appreciate it if you could write it using my characters, but, if it’s pre-written it doesn’t matter. I will credit if I use one!

CLUB BGM1 - Male
CLUB BGM2 - Male
CLUB BGM3 - Male
CLUB BGM4 - Male
ZACK - Male

CLUB BGF1 - Female
CLUB BFG2 - Female (that one was a typo.)
CLUB BGF3 - Female
CLUB BGF4 - Female
CLUB BGF5 - Female

Thank you so much! :heart:

Thanks, that was useful!

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I asked the creator of the link you send me a while ago, but I still haven’t gotten a reply. I know she may be working on it now, but replies for a template would still be useful!

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