Clue contest: New Zealand Stories? ;)

“Chur, mate. Looking skux, cuz. Yoza, sweet as!” :joy: :sweat_smile:
Like this thread if you’ve never, EVER, read an Episode story with “chur” in it? :triumph:

When you forget your hat in primary and you see a teacher coming:

So basically this is a cry for help for more Kiwi/Aussie/Polynesian stories… :grimacing:
It is also a discussion post for your theories on what happened in Clue: DATABASE

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Clue: DATABASE by @chaotic_circe / @TheOlims

You are given exclusive access to the database to piece together old interview clips to uncover the dark secret of the Stocking family. Later, a skux detective stumbles into a historic graveyard where to her horror, finds countless dug up graves. However, there is something wrong with the grave robber… they leave the jewellery behind and take the body…

Episode 1: FULLY INTERACTIVE GAME. Featuring a search bar, a note taking system, interactive texting.

Episode 2: CINEMATIC STORY, TIMED/IMPORTANT CHOICES, POINT SYSTEM. Featuring full CC, stunning visuals and one big cliffhanger,

Episode 3: CINEMATIC STORY, MULTIPLE ENDINGS, IMPORTANT CHOICES, POINT SYSTEM. Featuring phenomenal visuals, thrilling action and an even bigger cliffhanger!

Episode: ??: FULLY INTERACTIVE PHONE. Featuring working buttons to: text, view gallery, password cracking, settings, emailing, searching.
Episode ??: STILL IN PROGRESS. It is VERY code intensive and complex and will take me a while to produce but when I do, it may be the most interactive episode!


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Bumping. If you’ve read it, leave your theories on what happened in episode one’s game here! :grin:

Chur bro! For real though, we need more stories with NZ!