Clue Cover Contest

Title: Clue: Deep and Deadly
Author Name: Cameron Oakley
Character Details:
Rose 03
Round Soft - Gray
Curly Mohawk - Warm White
Male Generic - Brown Dark
Diamond Defined
Male Generic
Medium Straight Natural - Beige Rose
Brow: None
Hair: Long Curls - Black Silhouette
Eyes: None
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: None
woman - idle_gun_angry_loop
man - idle_wounded_sad_loop

Any other sort of effects: N/A

Here you go. Limelight please

Can it be a close up on the characters faces so no body

Man stands screen left and faces right
Woman stands screen right and faces left

Thank you

If you still need it, font and colour?

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I don’t need it anymore sorry @LaurelleE27