Clueless at coding

Idek where to begin I don’t understand how to code at all :weary: what is the best way to learn?


I recommend starting here :slight_smile: :

His tutorials are really helpful! All authors started there :slight_smile:

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I would recommend watching some of Joseph Evans’ youtube videos or looking around at tutorials on the forums.
After that, I would practice a bit before actually trying to code your story (if you are planning to write one) and then start once you feel comfortable. It will be a lot easier later on if you just practice at first and figure out different commands.
If you ever have any specific questions you need answers to, feel free to ask me and I can try to help the best that I can! :heart: good luck!!

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Dara Amarie’s website helped me a lot! Basically learnt everything there, as well as from tutorials on the portal itself.

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