CNR_Rai’s Cover Art! (CLOSED TEMP)


Hi! So I wanted to get into making Cover Art for other people. I’m really good at it, or at least I think I am… but you get to decide! You don’t have to keep my cover art but I want you guys to put me to the test!
Here is an example of Cover Art!
All I ask I ask is that you don’t copy my cover ideas, character models etc.



Hey. Can I test u to make me a cover for my thriller contest entry? <3 :wink:


Sure! Send me pictures of you characters, and a description of your story. Tell me if you want a certain background also.:slightly_smiling_face:


Can i request a cover?




I can’t send pictures only the details. is that ok?


That’s fine!


Hey there: I tried a lot in this forum but so far nobody did it and everyone let me down and i think you’re kinda my last hope

I need a To Be Continued one and Instagram one with my name mehasels.episode
About the characters:
They are not lovers and Santa is older than in MC so it shouldn’t be romantic… they don’t really like each other as well, they are more like frenemies

Skin tone: Peach
Brow: Thick Arch
Hair: Modern pompadour white
Eyes: blue round piercing
Face: Chiseled square
Nose: Button
Lips: Small round taupe

Skin: Olive
Brow: defined Natural
Hair: Beach Wave pop pink
Eyes: Round classic purple
Face: Round
Nose: Elven
Lips: Classic Blush

I don’t want to limit you in anything so if you feel like doing another pose or other background it’s okay too!

It would be amazing if you help me with that^^


Thx i’ll pm u them




yooooooo sup


nm hbu?


Did you want a certain background for your TBC, Instagram, or Cover?


I have no idea what’s TBC but no I love your work and I think you’re really talented so I don’t want to limit u lol

@GeoWrites I don’t want to ruin her topic aaaaaaaaa sorry


It’s To Be Continued, lol. Ok, give me 2 days, 3 at most!


Oh okay sorry I’m dumb :joy: thank you!




Sorry, I forgot to ask, what are the charcters wearing?


Santa wears Santa Claus outfit without the hat
MC wears:

Thank you again:)