Co-author/Advanced Coder Needed

Hi everyone!
Despite my new account on the forums, I’m not new to Episode, and definitely not new to writing!
I’ve been writing and long form/advanced literate roleplaying on many platforms for years now…so I kinda know a little bit about writing out a compelling story!

Here is the synopsis that I have. It is based on a telenovela (of course) and it is an action, drama, romance, and revenge story.

Plot: You are a young songwriter that has partnered with a duo of aspiring musicians to create a hit single that could skyrocket you all to fame!
Unfortunately, fear and jealousy can be very dangerous…and love is a weapon of it’s own. You are wrongly imprisoned for over 10 years, and now you’re back to seek revenge against the men that caused your downfall.
Will you be able to keep your identity hidden? Will you get the justice that you deserve? Most importantly, will you live to tell the tale?

What I’m looking for: I have a lot of ideas that involve advanced directing/coding for this story. I would like to use the points system for love interests, I would like multiple endings, CC, LGBTQ options, and I would like there to be a few mini games sprinkled in here and there.

Due to my grand ideas, but minimal abilities, I am mainly searching for someone to help me with coding.
However, I would absolutely love if my partner could also give me thoughts and opinions on the writing as well. I just want to team up with someone to make this Episode story as fun, exciting, and thrilling as possible!

I have a basic outline of the first chapter written out already, so please let me know if you are interested in joining me on this project, and we can get started right away!


i can help :slight_smile:

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Omg thank you! I’ll send you a message :smiley:

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