Co-Author and Friend!

Hiya! I’ve had a couple of really good story ideas but unfortunately I haven’t been able to make my dream of creating these stories a thing. I love fantasy/mystery stories with point systems or choices that matter, and I’ve always wanted to create a story like that. My only issues are, I’m a terrible coder and overthink wether what I’m writing is decent or not. I’m also in school, and my work is a priority, but I’d still love to write on episode. So if anyone out there is interested in creating a story with me, and perhaps making a new friend, lemme know! :smiley:


i think i might be interested! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

her website is really good if ur having coding troubels! ^^

@Dara.Amarie :heartpulse:

Meeee. I am also looking for a writing partnerr

Hey!! Thanks for being interested :))
You can email me: for more information, and so we can plan things out! ^^

I’d love to help with writing and probably directing

Omg thanks! You can email: so you can get more information and and and details, and so we can plan things out! :smile:

Cool!! ^^ you can email: @22abigail09 for more information:)