Co-Author & Friend

I previously made a shout asking about this but nobody responded so I thought I’d give this another shot!:smile: I’m very passionate about writing, and I love interactive stories which was why I was ooo drawn to episode, it’s my dream to release a story one day but I’d also love to be able to make a friend in the community who can help me too! I’m not the best coder, but I know the basics, I specialize more in dialogues!:hugs: If anyone out there is interested, you can respond here and I’ll get back to you ASAP :slight_smile:


hey I’d love to be ur friend, chat and exchange advice!!

Hey Abii!!! My name is Hannah and i’d Love to be your friend and id loveee to help you with your story,I’ve been coding for a while now and id be more then willing to help u with anything you need!

HEY Abii, I am Bhoomi and I’d love to be your friend and also help you with coding as I can. :blush: :heart: :heart:

Hey Hannah! Wow thank you!!:heart::heart: Do you know any way I can contact you? (Like your Instagram handle, email, etc?)

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Yes i do actually! My instagram is @small_author_hannah all lowercaps ! My email is!

Alright! Thanks!! I’ll email you! :slight_smile:

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I’m here for you!

Mkay! Did you email me yet?

Heyyy!! Ahhh tysm!! We could totally be friends!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My instagram is @abigail.episode_
Thanks for reaching out!!

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Aww tysm!! I really appreciated!! :)) My instagram is @abigail.episode_ if you ever wanna chat!! :smile: Thanks for reaching out!

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