Co-author needed for horror story!😝

I’m currently writing on a story that’s called Murder Mystery Mansion (MMM)
If you didn’t get it it’s a horror story

But I’m not very good at directing and finding inspiration so I was wondering if someone wanted to be my co-author?

I will give you a lot of credit :heart_eyes:

You don’t have to be good at directing but that could help a lot!

Tell me if you’re interested! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Hey I would love to help :relieved:

Oh ok I already have one that helps me with art, so what exactly are you good at?:heart:

I can help you too. I can give you more creative ideas for your story and also make outfits.

Oh that’s great!
You know what can you both dm me on insta maybe so that it’s easier to talk then in a public thing you know🌼

Here: @episooode_juuuliaaa

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I will get to you right now

Hey! Can I apply? :sweat_smile: I am good at advanced directing, creating custom overlays and stuff… In case you feel I could be of some help, please don’t hesitate to ping me on my ig @chinu_urf_sakshi ! :hugs:

heyy Julia im Shanzay hope you are well its my first time creating a love story im new to this program so i would like to help you and while i help you it would be a practice so i can make my own storys, I LOVE HORROR STORIES and i would LOOOOOVE to create one with you.
REGARDS: Shanzay.Fun(Shanzay Alam).

Hey people I just want to say I’m not in need of a writing partner anymore, @June_Sinclair has already “signed up” for the job, sorry if I’m disappointing you but I’m sure you will find another person to write with :heart: :heart:

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