Co-Author needed for my first story!

I’m looking for a co-author for my first story! I have the plot but if you think its basic or want to do some changes i’m open to hear about your thoughts.
HMU in Instagram: @danaa.episode and lets write! (If you want to we can have a google drive document so we can both write our thoughts there.)
P.S: If you speak english fluently it will be appreciated because my mother tongue is spanish so maybe im not 100% on what im writing in the story,
Thx for reading!


Hey does the person need to know how to code

I mean, if you know hoe to code its ok, But if you dont its not a problem, I mean, i just want to make the store more interesting so if you can write it with me I can code it or we could specifically look for a person to help us code…

Hi Dana. I’m interested in this. Are you looking for anything in particular in your Co author? For example do I have to have published anything before or something like that. Let me know.

Im not looking for anything in particular more than just good ideas for the plot! But if you wrote anything before its great!

Well, I don’t know how to code, but I do love to read and have many ideas, so… would love to help you.

Great! DM me on Instagram: @danaa.episode

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Ohhh…I forgot to mention that I don’t have IG, sorry :woman_facepalming:t5:

Its ok. Where can we talk? Any socials?

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Umm…well I only have on here and ShaniiWrites

I just started using this page, we can talk privately here right?

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Hey, so I dont want to be a co-author, but I can help you with any ideas, art, or coding you might need help with, also i speak english fluently so I could do proofreading and grammar correction :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’d love To Help too. Even if it’s just with ideas and editing. I’ll hit you up on Ig

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OMG yess, I’d love to!
Thank you!
If it seems more comfortable add me on instagram @danaa.episode !

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Okay sure :purple_heart: