Co-author needed!


Win a chance to be the co-author of the next big story, which will be written by KACY and three special guests!


They will be 3 different winners, one for each of the 3 episodes!
Information about what the story will be about will not be given out until the day it is published!
It will be directed by KACY!

How do I enter?

Just simply answer the following questions, and then you will automatically be entered into the competition!

Questions to answer:

2 facts about yourself
What type of stories you like(example: drama, romance, mystery…)
Your episode mobile username
Your episode forums name
And any questions or concerns

Many thanks, KACY

P.s. it will be done threw the Episode mobile app! The coding! I know how to to do the coding, so I will write it, however the winner will help with ideas and sending me the art, so I can include that and many more!

  1. I like cats more than dogs.

  2. I am an introvert.

I like drama, romance, mystery, and comedy stories.
My username in mobile is XXXTENTACION
My episode forums name is most_savage


Thank you @most_savage, you have been entered into the competition!

  1. I’m IN LOVE with writing.
    2.I like Drama,romance and Thrillers
  2. Milena
  3. Milena1

When will you tell us who won?


I will tell you if you win on the 21st of April 2018! Thanks for the enter, you have now been automatically entered into the competition! Good luck


Dear Kacy,
I love writing and here are the things you required:

  1. I am an author AND I FREAKING LOVE WRITING. (Like the other person)
  2. I have a lot of imagination and i can write easily on episode coding platform.
    My epi mobile user: Claire Mersons
    My epi forum user: @FreakyEvilMargs
    My favorite genre: Comedy and Romance, i can also do tragedies and drama.
    Question: Wouldn’t a google form be easier? :slight_smile: (For the co-author thread)
    PS: I am an open writing partner so i form a lot of writing groups and… extc.



  1. I am very sensitive.
  2. I love cats.


Btw, I think it does have to do with coding cause that’s how you make a story…,


I know,I just to clarify that I am not good at coding.


That’s ok! I know how to


It will be done that threw the episode mobile app!


What do you mean?


I mean that on the Episode mobile app, there is a bit where you can make a story, so I can do it on that


Yup! I know How to work on that… but i also can code easily


I can use the mobile app and episode portal(code), too. I can also make story art.




I am a friendly and outgoing person
Episode mobile username- Saka moshood


Hi my name is Itohan and I love to write and I’m new to here and would love a partner and someone to write with and share my ideas with.
I love series such as ppl and stranger things and also ouat, so techniacally I love that sort of mysterious, sci fi, dramatic story. Basically a story that has a bit of everything in it.
My username is : Episode.Itohan
And maybe forums is also : Episode.Itohan (easy for you :joy:)


Also two facts about myself:
I love to sing, dance and play sports.
I love to write and have won a creative writing competition