Co-author needed!

I’ve been browsing the forums for a few hours to gain some information on what people do or don’t like in stories, but I’m usually the most productive when I have someone to give feedback on current ideas and help to inspire new ideas. If anyone’s interested, please message me!

Hey there, Emiko
I have started my first story but I realize I’m not a good coder, Youtube is not going to help me make 30 plus chapter of any. I can help you… if you want

I would really appreciate that! I’m not a good coder yet either, but if I ever manage to get it, I’d be glad to help with your story in return! Why don’t you message me so we can get started?

not exactly sure how to msg

I just send you one. I hope that you’ll be able to reply to it.

People usually like when they have a lot of choices, can choose their looks, name, their love interest and etc but its really your choice as i don’t do either of those since for me as a beginner is too much work.

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Do you need help on your stories, too?

i am currently looking for one

Looking for what? A co-author, too?


i could also help you since i know most coding

Really? That’s pretty cool. I haven’t gotten into coding yet, but full character display sounds like a nightmare. :sweat_smile:

it can be quite annoying but you’ll get used to it!

Do you want me to send you a message so we can start working on your story?

we sure can!

You can message me if you have any questions. Here are two threads to go to for questions if you get stumped while coding.

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