Co-author/writing partner

Hi! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve been wanting to write a story for a long time, I actually have about 4 full stories but I’ve never published them, I’ve done one other joint story though with a friend and it has gotten a little over 40k reads. I’ve been really into co-author stories recently and want to give it another go!. I haven’t had much time to write stories or had any motivation from school and other personal things, so I’m ready to put my mind to something.

I really want to make a unique story with a lot of twists and turns in it.

I make art as well, so I can make the cover page, art scenes etc. I really want to get into the writing world a bit more and really want a dedicated person to do it with me and make a crazy adventure out of it

Please tag someone if you know they’re looking for a co-author or if you’re wanting to do it with me please comment. thank you so much :heart_decoration:


I would love to be your partner…

That sounds like a wonderful idea!

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Hi! give me a message :blush:

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thank you! i hope it works out!

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If you are still looking… then I can help :relaxed:

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Hey would u like to be my partner, we could write a story together!!! my IG is chris11tina_episode :slight_smile:

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Sure :heavy_heart_exclamation:

hey Maypenny!

I’ve started playing episode 2 years ago, and I always wondered how it is to make your own story. So recently I learned myself coding, using commands and everything you need to know to nail your story! I would be honored to make a story together! I’m kind of a coding pro right now. My goal is to be a paid writer here on episode! Just let me know if your still active and wanna team up.


hey! pm me :slight_smile:

Pm??? Do you mean dm?

My oh is @fammes so i would love to chat further on that. If thats okay with you?

Hihi! This was a while ago, however if you’re still looking I’d be interested! I’d say my skills are in character design and development, but I can’t do art for the life of me, and I need to work on pacing my stories.

could you possibly send me a message? i cant find you’re Instagram!

its @maytepisode