Co-Authors? and also a coder im willing to learn as well

Hey! For my story, I am looking for a co-author. I need a second opinion on my story even though I am having issues with the coding. I spent nearly two years working on the book version and nearly a year working on the episode, so it is not just some random story to me. I have plenty of time to collaborate with someone to reach this objective. I am fortunate in that I am fully aware of every aspect of my story, including its beginning, middle, and conclusion. I am fully aware of how each character’s epilogue will conclude their respective stories. I would like someone who has written at least one story or knows basic coding because I am a new writer

I can code
But I’d like to ask if it’s free or fee?

If we collaborate for free, we could figure something out so that you feel valued for your work.

If u are still looking for someone I can help occasionally with coding as I’m an advanced coder but I can’t promise to code entire episodes

hey! Yes, i am still interested and whatever help you can offer, i will take it

I can offer help with ideas, testing the story and sometimes helping with coding

Are you still searching?