Co write and art


Hey I’m not very good at writting but am good at story plots and make art scenes I would be happy to help co write/ help with plots

Co write a story

I’d be more than happy to do it with you.


Are u writing a story


I’m writing one, and I could use some art scenes.


Yeti would love to do u want to see some I’ve already done


I can do art and plots and even make small script templates. We can co write and you write the story( I don’t have a laptop) and I will do parts of the script and art


I may be interested in this. What type of story are you thinking?


I have an idea to do one called inside my head
I haven’t worked out the full story plot Yet but this is what I was thinking

I girl struggles to control the world around her in highschool so she turns to the people inside her head to help
It brings to light depression and what that can cause


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