Co-writer for a lustful vampire story!


This is a very rare thing for me to do but I’ve started this new story, it’s called “Sensuality.” It’s a vampire love story with a lustful twist :slight_smile:
Here is the description: “Captured by his thirst, his lust. He spots you and feds off your body and smirks at your sensuality. During the rush, will becoming his toy be only thing you were captured for?”
I need help developing the plot and thought to bring in a new person for great ideas and help!
Now, not to sound rude but this story is my (soon to be our) baby :joy: and when it comes to that it has to be nurtured by people who are COMMITTED and know how to write, spell, etc.
This is EXTREMELY risky so I a made a requirement…

  1. To have published one story on the episode app and have a minimum of 7 episodes! and be of age 14+
    Send me the link to your story in PMs!

Here is an example of my previous work: :

If you wish to see what I have so far, feel free to dm me for the link. I have written 900 lines of the first chapter. Thank you lovelies :blush:
Here is the google form to fill out.


I can be ur idea bouncer lol


Sure!! pm me


I have filled out the form


Thank you! About t check it out!


By goodness, I was sososo interested in doing this with you as these kind of stories as by far my favourite, (and as I see, the most interesting ones) but the requirement is something I don’t reach, as I’m only just doing the first chapter for my first story as I speak. :sweat_smile:

If you were still willing, of course, to consider me as a co-writer I would be head over heels for that idea as it sounds extremely intriguing to one such as myself!

If you are interested, though, despite my lack of experience with episode coding (but I am a talented writer, or so I like to believe) then just PM me and I’ll fill out the google form! <3