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I am writing a story called Romiette and Julio that is based off of Sharon Draper novel which was release in 2001. Just to give a quick summary, This is the modern romeo and Juliet novel. The setting takes place in 1999 in Cincinnati. Romiette is of African-American descent and Julio is Hispanic (Mexican). Julio is an angry person coming into Cincinnati after leaving Texas from gang violence, the irony the school he attends now, there our gangs. The gang is called “Devil Dogz” (It’s an all black gang, they wear purple and terrorize Romiette and Julio for getting involved in an interracial relationship, they get threatened and kidnapped in the process because of the race war. Julio’s dad despises black people and Romiette’s parents has their own negative opinion on Hispanic people. Still fight to be together. This story is dominantly going to be black and Hispanic characters. Any volunteers to help me?

You wouldn’t be able to write your story unfortunately because of copyright infringements.


Yea. I think Perplexed Jam is right. :frowning:

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How about this? I change the names, and title. And change the story. But still keep the main idea that they are an interacial couple and the gang wants an end to it. Take in 1999 and located in Washington D.C. The name of it is called “Our Love”

You need to make significant differences to the plot, characters and dialogue for it to not infringe on any copyrights for both Romiette and Julio & Romeo and Juliet.

I suggest using the story more for inspiration as appose to a fan story. Take the parts of it you enjoy, change things up to something new and refreshing whilst adding your own ideas to it.

Maybe change the time for which it takes place, you could go 100 years in the future where gangs have evolved with technology or you could go back 100 years where peoples views on certain things were a lot different.

The idea you’ve suggested still sounds a little too similar because the differences aren’t significant enough.

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