Co-Writer ? french

Hello ! I’m a french author but I can speak english if you want.
I’m looking for someone who help me code and write my story.
A french co-author if it’s possible.

Je cherche quelqu’un qui pourrait m’aider à coder et à écrire mon histoire.
Un français ou une française si possible.

My instagram: lou.episode.interactive


i can help

Thanks. Are you looking for a co-author ?

Sorta :sweat_smile: i havent had motivation for my story in a long time because ive been stuck on one part and i practically gave up​:sweat_smile:

Can you send me a message in my instagram please ?

My instagram : lou.episode.interactive

Yea i can give me a minute

I can speak the tiniest bit of French and lots of English. I’m looking for a Co- writer anyways, so this would be great!!!