CO writer? help? someone?


sooo i have a really really good story idea but i need help writing it, i did the first episode someone pleaseee help


i’ll help you I love episode ive been playing since the classic version I do coding outfits and lots of other stuff I have no life so i’m just about always free


I don’t know anyting is good for me


i’m 16


my name is Olivia similar to yours


on google it says you have to verify its you cause it does not know my laptop




its says to verify by phone


i can give you the code from my phone




Did you end up logging in?


I lost my progress my mom turned off my computer so I have to log back in again give me one sec


ok i’m in thanks


what is your story name




ok i’ll look at it


my mom is saying I have to get off my computer cause she says I will be late for school tomorrow cause I was up late although I stay up until 3:00 am when she is out or she is sleep


umm I forgot the acount password my mom said if I don’t hurry up she gonna turn my computer off


There’s no rush, you can view it tomorrow?


ok thanks