Kal Here. So I am currently writing a Mafia Story! The content is really great. However, I need a Co-Writer who is pretty good with the episode directing and can insert overlays, some script writing etc. You will get credit or when I unlock payment, I can pay you? Or maybe I can pay you via PayPal for helping?

Please let me know Asap!
I am currently at episode 4, it is slow for me to write because of the directing. I would love to upload at least up until chapter 20 next weekend.

Maybe I write some and my co-write write some?



Thank you! I will check now.

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Hi, I am a paid coder.
If u r willing to pay. :heart:

U can look into my thread for examples and other details.

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Hey I have a discord with a lot of writers/coders that would be more willing to help you out. Feel free to pm me for the link if you are interested on joining

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Hey, I have DMed you if you’re still looking :blob_hearts:

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