Co-writer needed ( ink )

I’m a first-time story writer and my coding is terrible so I need a co-writer if you are interested in helping me develop a story from start to finish please message me so we can go over all the details…THANK YOU!!!

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okayy. because i might be late but i’m interested🙂

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No no, your fine yes I’m still looking for a co-writer

okay, well if yhu want then i’m interested to help🙃

Yes I’m still interested we can work out the details a bit later because now I’m a little busy is there any way to contact you later so we can talk about things

ok, and yeah my instagram is @epi.jesss

Ok I just messaged you so I will be texting later to work out the details I hope everything works out good!!

Can someone please co write with me? I am going to start a story called scream it qill be a horror/thriller