OK i made this kind of thread like 5 times and those who repsonded to my last one wasn´t very serious. anyways… i really need a co-writer pls and please i want you to be good at coding Oh and does anyone know how to share your acc to write with someone?

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I didn’t even flag you bruh i saw that you replied to me and you were already flagged and besides i don’t even know how to flag someone :neutral_face: :confused: and please stop I DO NOT want to argue on a thread that is for something else please stop going off topic :grimacing:

Hi, I’d be interested in helping you!

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Tysm :blush: I’ll message you :slight_smile: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Okay <3

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But you still replied to this Thread :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


Am sorry! Am sorry! I had to.

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I think it’s a slag but i don’t wanna go off topic

Yeah, I know. It’s just she corrected someone’s spelling then misspelled. It was just ironic.

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Yea that was my spelling it was because I was typing fast and she accused me off flagging her when i don’t even know how to flag someone :no_mouth:

Please stop :worried:

Oh, yea. You’re right.

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What?.. you literally accused me of Flagging you… when i clearly didn’t :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :worried: :worried:

Try re-reading this whole thing and point out where I “accused you” but I’m done.

Good luck :+1:t4:

Can we just drop this? i don’t want this thread to get flagged or closed :worried:


I think there’s a confusion. When someone flagged her, you understood her replying to your thread as personal to you but she was just meaning to whoever just flagged her in general. Otherwise she would have responded to your post “:neutral_face:” previous to her saying “I don’t care flag me…” to let you know she’s talking directly to you but she did it in general for it to be towards whoever flagged her and didn’t accuse you specifically. Just wanted to make that clear because she did try to tell you she wasn’t talking to you. lol :clown_face:

ANYHOooo :owl: as for your last question on your thread:
The only way I know of on how to share your account with someone if you’re meaning like both being able to use the same writer’s portal would either be to create a joint account that you can both access such as create a new google email account for you and whoever else to use or if you felt comfortable then you could give your password and email to your current account to them with whatever you use to access the portal which is either google or Facebook I think :thinking: those are the only ways I’ve seen it done. Or people just go back and forth in emails but I find it easier to have a joint account so both people can work on the same story on the same account in the writer’s portal. But also if you do this, consider which times you guys are using the portal as I’ve had a silly situation, where we saved over each other’s work because we were both working on the same episode at the same time lol.

Good luck and happy writing!


I understand that´ś why i said we should drop the matter …

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She said all that, gave you a detailed answer and not even a thank you.

I like yah cut G :wave:t4: If you get it you get it. If you don’t :woman_shrugging:t4:


That’s a how playa gets down :upside_down_face: thanks for the explanation. I’m glad some people understand :sunglasses:

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