Co-writer needed plz?

I need a Co-write with a new story and I not sure what the title is going to be yet

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I can help

I can help, I’m good at coding and I’ve been doing that for a long time. What’s the story style? And what would I need to do?

I write mostly fantasy either vampire or werewolf or something along those line and I would just need you help with ideas and if I have a problem with the script and cant find the answer and stuff like that what do you thing?

And what’s the style?

dosnt matter

Do you have an idea already?

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whats your idea

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Hey, I’m currently working on a limelight story and it’s pretty brand new as chapter 1 has not been released yet I have a plot idea but as I was working on my story I realized I can’t do this on my own. I’m looking for a writing partner if your interested give me a message on here or my Instagram @alishaepisode and I’ll gladly discuss the details with you! I have the cover art done by a friend and I’ve thought of a plot as well but we can make a change to all of that If u disagree. Let me know what you think!