Co-writer needed to write a storyy

I want to write a story and I want to do it with someone else too. This is my first time writing a story but I have some ideas about the story I plan to write and I’m willing to share them. I believe that working with someone on my first story will be a good experience and it will also help me improve my writing skills. Credits will be given and you will be considered as the author of it too. That’s all for now, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

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I can help you. Just send me the story details! :relaxed::hugs:

What details do you want to know?

  • Title
  • Plot/ Description
  • Genre
  • (Other stuff you want me to know)

Tittle:Law of Desire
Plot/Description: My story is about a successful lawyer who seems to have everything figured out. Usually people tend to see her on the surface and think that that’s who she is.She has experienced painful moments in her life and those moments are always part of her life and turned her into the person she is now. Despite the painful moments she has experienced in her life she is a strong woman who knows how to stand up for herself, doesn’t let anyone make decisions for her life or walk over her. The story plot is complex and I can’t explain it all here. If you are interested tell me and I will PM you or we can talk on insta.
Main characters: Henley Anderson, Reid Evans, Blake Summers.
Genre: Romance/Drama

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I’m interested!

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Do you have an Instagram page?

Me too , i want to write a story but I don’t know how to start it.:woman_facepalming:t2:

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I would be happy to help!

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I´m happy to help as well, Im kinda experience.