Co Writer needed!


I really need somebody to help me out with my story ideas for an episode if you are intersted coment down below


I’d love to help!


I’m a writer myself so i would love to help you, I am currently working on my story if you need any ideas come to me!!!


I actually want to start a story and I need ideas can u help me


Moved to Find a Writing Partner :wink:


i will choose you two


I would love to help!! I am actually currently writing a story, I just started it so its not published but I like to think of myself as a good writer. Reply to this message if you would lime to work together :slight_smile:


wow ok!


I’ll help!


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Do you want me to help?


sure PM me and i will help you!


Sure hi!


private message lol


pls leave if you dont want my help or make your own forum