Co-Writer Needed! :)


Hey! I’m looking for a co-writer to write a story with/to help me with writer’s block. I’ve been so busy and I’ve lost inspiration for my story, my ideas have gone out the window, and I need help! If anyone at all is interested, please DM me on Instagram @amber.writess please and thank you! :heart:


Hi I can help you I just don’t have an ista accoubt


Hey, I don’t have an insta account…but can I still help? :smiley:


i can help. I’ve been writting for 8 years, and I have more than 15 stories. I’d be glad to help ypu out with ideas


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I’ve found my co-writer, but feel free to message me anyways if anyone would like! :heart:


If you need any help with the ideas and story building… you can approach me… I am good with ideas and writing…


Thank you love, I will keep that in mind. :heart: