Co writer* new to episode )

Would anyone be interested in helping a personnew to episode :slight_smile:

I can I’m kinda of good at Spot Directing still working on it though

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I don’t mind!

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I’m new too. Maybe we can work together?

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You all can help is there private messaging or something we could all communicate :slight_smile:

I dont know. I just have mine account here for 30 min :crazy_face:

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Maybe groupchat on Instagram or something?

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Better make sure everyone else can do that too :slight_smile:

Ofcourse :blush:

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Add my account @episode mania on instagram :slight_smile:

I find a few. Is it episode.mania?

Maybe you can find me? Episode.honeyy
Its a new account

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Woops ’ okay I’ll have a look

Lol I can’t spell it’s episode.mania__

Yay! Found you haha

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We can use discord to

What’s that?

Never heard of that before

It’s a app where you can create a group and communicate with group members and partners it’s really cool!

I’m sorry,I don’t have any storage left

I would like to be a co worker