Co-writer partner


Hiya Guys!
I’m looking for a writing partner to start a new story with. The story can be in either INK or Limelight, and in any genre.

  • You would have to be pretty active, and willing to write the story from start to finish.
  • Possibly write future stories with if all goes well.

If you’re interested, send me a DM on Instagram or reply here xo
@katarina_episode (Instagram)


Hello! I’m interested in writing a story. Actually I’ve a idea but need someone’s help to execute/write it.
please reply…If interested.


I have so many ideas maybe I can share them with u so u can get started maybe be finished I’m val by the way


Hey Incrediblyadorable :slight_smile:
Send me a DM on Instagram and we can for sure figure something out!


Hey Val :slight_smile:
Of course! send me a DM on Instagram I would love to hear them!


YES…Let’s do it.


So u want me to find u on Instagram then
Ohh here’s mine penny 16236


Perfect, thank you :slight_smile: