Co-writer(s) needed ASAP! Writer's block is NO JOKE!



Hello loves!

I am LeyBoogie and I am currently writing my first story on Episode (Woooo!:grin:). However, I’ve only made it to my 3rd episode :expressionless: and have already reached a writer’s block :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: . I have the premise down and pretty much know where I want the story to go but I just need some help getting there. So, if ANYONE is looking to be a co-author PLEASE reach out. I will share what I have so far and we can discuss where we can take it from there. I would greatly appreciate any and all help!!

Thanks :kissing_heart:


I wouldn’t mind helping! I know writers block is the worst! What is your story about about?


Yaaaaay! :hugs: Well my story is called:

Chasing Dawne.

Back story- to be slowly revealed as the story unfolds
Dawne suffered tragedy back in 2015 when her fiancè and 2 of his friends pretty much went missing after leaving the NBA draft, never coming home (far fetched I know but let’s move on). In 2016, not long after her fiance’s disappearance she loses her Father (her only parent) to Cancer. After her Father’s passing she decides it’s time for a fresh start, so she leaves LA & moves to Vallejo, Ca (The Bay Area).

Present Day- where story opens up
Dawne has just opened her Beauty Bar in Vallejo, Ca. She has a bestie named Gigi who is her shop manager. It is now 3 years since her fiance’ went missing and 2 years since the loss of her father. She hasn’t been involved with anyone romantically and has serious abandonment issues. Gigi is the only person who has been able to remain close to her. Eventually, Dawne meets Jonah, a local Barber Shop owner whose business is down the block from her. They bump into eachother a couple times and the connection is evident. But Dawne is hesitant so they pretty much begin this “3x the charm” thing that will soon become their “thing”(cute phrase ri tease one another). As months go by Dawne will let her guard down, allowing her self to fall in love w. Jonah but not too soon after there will be breaking news that 2 of the 3 missing men have been found. Everyone will see the news but Dawne. Jonah will see the news where they will flash a picture of Travis (her long lost fiance) but he will think nothing of it. One night about a week later Dawne will come clean about her past and completely open up to Jonah. In that moment Jonah will remember the picture from the news but he won’t tell her he knows or what he saw. A month or so later Dawne and Jonah will be on their way back from a lunch date when they bump into — HER LONG LOST FIANCE TRAVIS, IN HER SHOP. He has come back for her . Dawne will be excited but also confused because she will have her old and new love basically fighting for/chasing after her love/heart hence the title “Chasing Dawne”… Cliff hanger to end season one.

So, what do you think? Can you help me with the evolution of my crazy ass love drama? Lol


Wow, its described really well! It sounds really good! I would like to help, nothing like 2 minds working in one story! Lol!


Yes! That’s awesome. So where do we start? Do I share the story with you in a Google doc or something ? I’m a complete novice in this area. Like I said first story and only on episode 3 lol


Sorry I took soo long, but hey school has started! Yay :rage:! I have never worked with someone or anything like this before… So Idk.:joy:


Okay, I think I’ve figured it out.:sunglasses: Although this may just be a way for you to view it but that will atleast let you see how far I’ve come and what I’m working with. Here is the link :point_down:t4:

I think we may have to move to a google doc though. But please take a look and tell me what you think. :grin:


Okie, no prob. (Looking at it now)


Okie, done! So do u have any ideas where lunch is? What is going to happen at lunch? Or what is going to happen before lunch?
Oh! And I really enjoyed it :clap:


Thank you! I know I have some grammatical errors to fix but I really appreciate that! :blush:
But to answer your question… I don’t know any of that because that’s where my writers block kicked in. :worried:

I know I want to give Gigi some screen time so she isn’t just popping up at random times lol Also I want to incorporate more of Jonah’s interactions with his friends and sort of his background before he and Dawne really start getting too close. So there can be a climax for both characters before Travis eventually comes into the picture and flips everything upside own. I am just honestly stuck on which route to take next.

Any and all ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hmmm… :thinking:

  1. We could possibly include some of Jonah’s background at and/or before the date. Like before the date there could be scene when Gigi and Dawne get ready together and well the same with the boys. If they are working then do u think they would end a few minutes before lunch to try on outfits and Gigi making her nervous or annoyed or something! Maybe some point Jonah kinda has a serious talk with his bro wonder if he should tell Dawne this kind stuff in his life…?

  2. The lunch date could be at a restaurant/lil’ cafe or something that Jonah used to go to all the time when he was younger and hoping she would like it too. Once they sit down Dawne could ask for him to tell her more and he may ask Dawne the same about Dawne. But not too much, right?

  3. Yeah, thats what I got… For now! But, I hope this can get u more ideas or something as well! :blush:


I love those ideas! I can definitely work with that. I was thinking about a lil’ cafe but adding that extra element about it meaning something to him is a great directions to go in to introduce his own character struggles.

I also like what you said about him having a serious talk with one of his bros. That would tie in well before they have their date and start their “investigating” into each others lives lol

Thank you! I’m going to try and work on this over the next few days. Hopefully I can finish episode 3 and maybe even 4. :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No prob! Any time! Can’t wait to read the rest of episode 3 and read 4!