Co-writer wanted


I want to write a story for the unofficial contest organized by episode knitters but I am looking for a co-writer.

  • I already have a few ideas but you can also input ideas
  • I can write in ink or limelight.
  • I don’t want to write a story completely in spotlight.
  • I prefer to communicate through discord but Instagram or pm is also an option.

Pm me, comment or dm me on Instagram (megantinista,episode) if you want to be co-writers.

I would love to help @Fixelled
PM me if you want my help

I am currently looking for people to be in my writing group, if you are interested

Hi there, I am new to episode and am interested in writing. I have a ton of experience as a writer, just not here. A partner would be a great start. I will be more than happy to help develop yours and would like to see if we are compatible to work together.

fireangelm64 is my instagram but I am willing to get other ways for communication. Look forward to hearing from you.


I am interested in writing, as you know writing takes time so it would be nice to have someone else who can help with the work with more advanced directing and providing art, like covers and someone who is able to create overlays.

i would love to help