Co writing and age

So this may seem like a funny question but if you are an adult (I’m 24) would you feel weird co writing with a child under 16 and if you are a child would you feel weird about co writing a story with an adult.

So this is just a general question really, I’m currently co writing a story with someone on here who is my age. I asked how old this person was before saying that I would co wrote a story and here is why…

Co writing with someone usually involves a lot of communication with another person, depending on how you decide to co write you may share an account with someone (giving them the log in) or create a new account or whatever but you are still in a lot of communication with the other person. And while I highly doubt that any of us older members would do anything, creating a forum account is easy, sharing account information is easy and give people easy access to communication outside of the forum.

Again Id like to point out that I don’t not think for 1 minuet any of us genuine members would do anything but as I said it is easy to create an account (remember all the spam bots?) I would hate to think that someone who hadn’t got good intentions was able to get unauthorised communication with a minor on here.

So as a general rule for myself if I was to co write after writing this story I would not feel comfortable co writing with someone under the age of 16 puerile because I don’t feel it’s right for a child and adult who are strangers to have any communication outside the forum.

Just my view of course, what do you guys think about this?

No hate please


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So when I was 13 I started to co-write with a 20 year old. We talked through skype. She was nice and we didn’t have any problems but we lost touch and never completed the story. I don’t think it’s weird at all unless the other person has a problem with it.

I’m now almost 16 and have never heard from her since.


I would feel weird co-writing with anyone outside my real-life friends, to be honest :joy:

It is a bit strange to co-write with a stranger, a much younger one at that. The child shouldn’t have done it in the first place. You might not have bad intentions, but naivety at that age could be harmful.


I agree.

I don’t think is a question with easy answers, but definitely one we have to deal with considering the age range on the app.

To answer your question, I’d really, really hesitate to strike up a co-authorship with someone that young and I’d encourage any other adults on Episode to do the same. Not because of anything that has to do with writing ability and communication, but like you’re saying, because there’s a certain vulnerability for the younger party.

Hell, if you’ve been here long enough, you’ve probably seen firsthand how easily grown adults (with large followings to make it even worse) can bully and harass kids without a hint of remorse. I’ve seen a couple young artists do art for free for authors easily past their 20s or even 30s. Like… there just is a certain power being an adult on this app. You have a lot of young readers willing to go to bat for you because they trust you too much to ask themselves if they even should. I also think it attracts people who can’t control their adult peers in the real world, so they get a certain high off being able to do so to younger ones in the social ecosystem that is the Episode community.

This is getting longwinded, but I guess my point is: be thoughtful of how you go about things. If you’re in your teens, look out for yourself, protect your safety and your growth. If you’re an adult, look out for them and be mindful of boundaries. Encourage teenagers to set healthy boundaries with you and others and respect them without exception.

Because you’re right. Somebody who co-authors with an age gap isn’t necessarily predatory or someone who has ill intentions, but I think we need to ask ourselves if accepting would leave that partner vulnerable to someone who does. It’s not something I would choose to do.

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