Co-writing partner?


Hi to you, i’m looking for a writing partner. I don’t have a subject in mind so if you have an idea i’m open to it ! I’m looking for someone who’s familiar with how to create a story cause I’ve never done one before. My maternal language is French so it’s not always easy to understand the app… that’s why I don’t want to do it alone :wink:


I create as I go. I need someone that knows this coding


I wish I knew


I can code I just don’t have any ideas


You can look for inspiration in books or movies! :thinking: you just need time to familiarize yourself with the platform.


O need a story idea


I’m looking for someone to write a story with, are you still looking?


Yes i’m still looking for someone


Are you interested in working together


Ya sure


Do you have Instagram or Snapchat?